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Developmental Trauma Program commences at Albert Road Clinic


Developmental Trauma Program commences at Albert Road Clinic

May 01, 2019

Albert Road Clinic announces the commencement of a Developmental Trauma Program on 29th April 2019. It is a dedicated inpatient treatment program aimed to assist people with a history of trauma in a supportive environment.

The program assists individuals to

  • Gain awareness and understanding of how they been impacted by traumatic events
  • Gain tools and skills to be able to reduce symptoms and associated distress
  • Develop skills and tools to be able to maintain healthy relationships
  • Reclaim their sense of identity and ability to live in accordance with their values
  • Reduce unhelpful behaviours and to adopt more helpful means of coping
  • Develop self-efficacy and a sense of personal empowerment

Program pre-requisites:

  • Adult 18 years of age and over
  • Complex, interpersonally generated trauma
  • Mental health or substance abuse comorbidities may exist but not the current primary concern
  • Capacity and agreement to participate in the prescribed treatment program

If you would like more information about this Program then please contact EasyAccess P: 03 9256 8322.

A General Practitioner or psychiatrist referral is required and can be sent via facsimile (03) 9256 8361.