Albert Road Clinic
Part of Ramsay Health Care

GP Liaison

The role of GP Liaison at Albert Road Clinic is managed by Merran Mackie. Merran acts to facilitate improved communication and collaboration between Albert Road Clinic and general practice; improving the patient pathway.

As GP Liaison, Merran will function to:

  • Keep your practice up to date with clinical and administrative developments
  • Review our referral and admission processes to improve the patient pathway
  • Ensure general practice is consulted as we plan and develop services and
  • Provide quality continuing professional development opportunities and networking events

Merran welcomes the opportunity to visit your practice. She is available to assist with the coordination of VMO clinical education and assist with queries from general practice.

For any queries or to schedule a 'lunch and learn' session at your practice, please contact

Merran Mackie

GP Liaison
P: 0400 735 482