Albert Road Clinic
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Clinical Services

Adult Inpatient Services

There are 67 dedicated inpatient beds at Albert Road Clinic to comfortably accommodate adult patients requiring acute psychiatric intervention including those with addictions.

Adults with a range of emotional and psychiatric issues are admitted to an inpatient unit for a variety of interventions including pharmacological commencement and review, situational crisis recovery, and observation and monitoring. More >>


Intensive Care Unit

Patients requiring closer supervision are cared for in an additional dedicated 3-bed Unit.


Older Persons Service

Life for many older people is a time of contentment and reflection. However as we age, we are faced with new and potentially difficult challenges, including health challenges. The Older Persons Service specialises in the assessment, care and treatment of older patients with mental health conditions. More >>


Adolescent Services

The Adolescent Services provide specialist inpatient and outpatient programs for young people aged 12-22 years who are experiencing difficulties which prevent them from achieving their potential. More >>


Addictions Service

The Addictions Service provides a range of treatment options for patients with a dual diagnosis of psychiatric illness complicated by ongoing substance misuse.

The service offers an assessment service, inpatient detoxification, an outpatient Addictions Rehabilitation Program, and an Addictions Relapse Prevention Program. More >>


Adult Day Programs

Albert Road Clinic provides a range of day programs designed to assist people who are experiencing or recovering from emotional difficulties and other mental health problems. More >>


Outreach Service

Patients of the Clinic can be referred to the Outreach Service, and be assigned to an Outreach clinician who visits the patient in their home or residence. The service provides short-term support and problem-solving to help people during and after acute episodes of illness. More >>


Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Service

Albert Road Clinic provides a leading ECT clinical, training and research service. The aim is to provide an individualised high quality service incorporating both long established and new techniques to optimise outcomes and minimise adverse effects.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Service

Albert Road Clinic provides TMS, a therapeutic medical procedure, for the treatment of depression.

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