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Adult Day Programs

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – assists people to live a meaningful life while effectively managing difficulties, and learning to accept adverse aspects of it. ACT involves taking effective and mindful action guided by the values an individual identifies with.

Addictions Rehabilitation Program – assists people to stop alcohol and other drugs of abuse and dependence, includes modules addressing psych-education about drug use and dependence, strengthening motivation to change, coping with cravings, managing triggers of lapse and relapse, managing depression and anxiety, assertiveness, relaxation and lifestyle balance.

Addictions Relapse Prevention Program – offers ongoing support and therapy to prevent relapse to alcohol and drug abuse.

Anxiety Management Group – assists people who have frequent experiences of anxiety and/or panic symptoms. The program aims to identify what triggers anxiety, strategies to minimise the intensity of anxiety, and implementation plans for coping and minimising avoidant behaviours.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Program – assists people with difficulty regulating their emotions, tolerating distress and managing interpersonal difficulties. These issues can be accompanied by risk taking behaviour, impulsivity and self-harm.

Life Skills Program – is a holistic, flexible and supportive group therapy option designed to enhance wellbeing, maintain recovery, and address underlying difficulties. Peer support is an important part of this group process.

Mood Disorder Program – assists people with longstanding or complex difficulties with mood and anxiety which impede living an active and satisfying life. Participants work towards acting more effectively and have more satisfactory relationships.

PARI (Psychosis and Related Issues) Group – assists people to cope with and minimise the impact of psychotic symptoms such as difficulties with thinking, concentration, motivation and hallucinations.

Seniors Day Program – designed for older people who would benefit from ongoing or interim support for a mental health condition and is aimed at supporting them to manage their illness and maintain an optimal level of health and independence.

Transitions Program – provides a supportive space for people who have recently discharged from an inpatient stay with the aim of assisting in managing distressing emotions, limiting problematic or addictive behaviours, and providing ongoing care and support.

Wellness Program – provides a supportive environment to assist people to create a plan for overall wellness through the establishment of healthy routines for managing stress, avoiding alcohol and drugs, and reaching out for support regarding physical health needs and medication management.

Making a Referral

Healthcare professionals should direct all referral enquiries to our EasyAccess Service via telephone 1300 251 243 from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Referrals can be faxed directly to 03 9256 8361.

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