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Outpatient Services

Outpatient clinics provide specialist psychiatric services that do not require hospital admission. Albert Road Clinic has a number of psychiatrists on-site offering these services for a range of conditions across the age group.


For these services, you are responsible for the full cost of your treatment, however Medicare and private health insurance rebates may apply. You should ask the specialist for their fees and rebates before you have treatment.

Your visit

Booking an appointment

You will need an appointment to visit an outpatient clinic. To book an appointment you must have a referral from your General Practitioner.

Before your appointment

  • Confirm the location of the specialist private practice clinic.
  • Plan your trip – how to get to the hospital, parking locations and public transport schedule, if needed. Check out How to Find Us.
  • Prepare all test results, medical scans or reports related to your treatment. If you are unsure what to bring, ask your doctor.
  • Plan the questions you need to ask your specialist and write them down.

What to bring

On the day of your appointment bring:

  • The appointment letter from the clinic
  • Test results and reports
  • List of all current medications including vitamins
  • List of medications and dietary supplements required during your visit
  • Medicare card, pension card or any other concession card you may hold
  • Your doctor’s address and phone number (if you have changed your doctor recently)
  • Something to read while you wait, in case there are delays.

At the specialist outpatient clinic

Arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment to check-in at the reception desk. Staff will check your details, ask to see your Medicare or pension card and direct you to the waiting area.

While appointments are for a set time, delays can occur, particularly if the doctor has to discuss a complicated treatment or diagnosis with another patient. If there are any delays, clinic staff will keep you informed. Other arrangements can be made if you are unable to wait for your appointment.

You can ask the doctor questions at any time. If you don’t understand anything the doctor tells you, ask them to explain it again.

Enquiries and Referrals

For all enquiries about accessing services at Albert Road Clinic please call 03 9256 8322.

Private health insurance is recommended and a referral from your psychiatrist or general practitioner is required.



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To have a private conversation with one of our staff, you can contact our enquiry line on 03 9256 8322 between 9am and 4.30pm.

Alternatively, please use our contact us form and one of our helpful staff will be in contact shortly.