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Adult Units (Ellard Unit & Level 2)

The Ellard and Level 2 Units are comfortably designed to accommodate the stabilisation and recovery of adult patients requiring acute psychiatric intervention. Adults with a range of emotional and psychiatric issues are admitted for a variety of interventions including pharmacological commencement and review, situational crisis recovery, and observation and monitoring in the event of psychiatric illness presentation.

Ellard and Level 2 Units provide access to progressive and holistic treatment regimes, which combine medication, comprehensive group programs, individual counselling and psychotherapy to ensure the best outcome for each patient. The Units are staffed by highly professional and compassionate practitioners which include psychiatric, psychological, nursing, allied health and medical staff.

The environment is one of support and guidance, with a level of independence encouraged on the part of patients appropriate to their level of need and state of health.


All referral enquiries should be directed to our Easy Access service via telephone 1300 251 243 from 8.45am to 4.15pm Monday to Friday.

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Adult Inpatient and Outpatient Services